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A Newly Chairperson Rubina Khalid Announced a new Web Portal To Get Aid Amount From BISP

BISP New Payment 10500

The new Payment of BISP came and brought happiness to the poor. The financial assistance of 10500 rupees has started for the poor under the BISP program created by the government of Pakistan. BISP’s new chairperson Rubina Khalid said in a recent meeting that women who are registered in the BISP program.

Check your eligibility by CNIC number at home. For this purpose, Rubina Khalid, Chair of BISP, has updated the portal. All families can now check their eligibility at home. If you are also registered in this program, check your eligibility at home and get financial aid amount.

8171 Web Portal Update By Rubina Khalid

Let’s spread the good news to all the families who are registered in the ISP program. That the new Chairperson of BISP has been announced. Now the BISP program is being taken towards development by the government of Pakistan. Therefore, the chairperson of BISP has been changed. She has vowed that she will lead the BISP program towards growth. And will provide maximum amount of financial assistance to the poor.

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8171 web portal has been updated for this purpose. Now all poor families can check their eligibility at home. Whether payment of BISP has been made in their account or not. Now you don’t have to stand in long lines. Now you can check your eligibility at home.

How to Get BISP Payment New Method

After checking your amount and eligibility through 8171 web portal, now fight to get up amount.For this purpose, you should take your National Identity Card number with you. And go to the BISP office or Bank Al Falah established in your area and get the financial assistance amount. The process of getting financial aid money is very easy.

A Newly Chairperson Rubina Khalid Announced a new Web Portal To Get Aid Amount From BISP

First go to BISP office and get your CNIC checked by BISP representatives. Your account will then be verified. And you will be directed to BISP cashier. Where you can get your financial aid amount through biometric authentication. Mandatory get slip while getting money. So that you know how much money was in your account and how much you have received.

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Registration Procured through Web Portal

Now you can ensure your registration even sitting at home. Now you will be told how to join BISP program easily. So that you can get financial aid money. Because more and more poor people are being included in the sponsorship program. The registration process is very simple. Visit your nearest BISP office and get your dynamic survey done. First you must check your eligibility from 8171 web portal.

After that you go to BISP office and get your dynamic survey done. After that you will be given the financial aid amount. As soon as your registration is complete, you will be given a financial assistance of Rs.10,500 every three months from Pakistan to other women.

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BISP Eligibility Criteria Change

The BISP program has been updated by the Government of Pakistan in 2024. Now the eligibility criteria has also changed. More and more poor people will be included in this program. Following are the new eligibility criteria introduced by the new chairperson of BISP, Rubina Khalid.

  • You must belong to a poor family
  • Applicant must have a registered and used mobile number
  • Monthly income should be less than 60 thousand rupees
  • Poverty should be less than 35%
  • No member of the family should be a government employee
  • No personal vehicle, property or land should be in your name
  • You have never traveled abroad


BISP Kafalat program has many benefits. Financial assistance of Rs 10,500 per month is given to the people involved in this programme. And many facilities are provided. As mentioned in this article, the new chairperson of BISP has updated the web portal. Now all households can easily check their eligibility at home. Now you don’t have to stand in long lines. Now you can check your eligibility through the portal at home. And can also check the registration status.

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