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Breaking News! New Benazir Kafalat Program Eligibility Criteria For Phase 3

Benazir kafalat Program New Update 2024

New Benazir Kafalat Program: According to the new update of the Benazir Kafalat program, the poor and deserving people who were not given the aid money earlier will now be given the aid money by the government of Pakistan. To get it you can easily get it from the representative after visiting the nearest cash center.

In this article, you will be told about the complete details of the eligibility criteria and how you can qualify for the Benazir Kafalat program. How to get money after qualifying. The government of Pakistan gives people who do not have government jobs assistance money. You have to read this article in detail to get all the information easily.

Breaking News! New Benazir Kafalat Program  Eligibility Criteria For Phase 3

Benazir Kafalat Online Eligibility Check

When you complete your registration process in the Benazir Kafalat program. So after that, you have to check your eligibility. If you are eligible then you are given an amount of 10500. So you can check your eligibility at home. The eligibility check procedure is very easy.

  • You have to open the browser and search the web portal in it.
  • After searching the portal you have to enter the ID card number in the first field and the code shown in the image in the second field
  • After that click on the Eligibility Check option
  • After that, you will be told about your eligibility on the screen that you are eligible to get the money or not.
  • If you qualify, you are given an amount of Rs 10,500 which you can easily withdraw after visiting the nearest cash center.

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10500 Payment Check Via SMS

Before getting the money, you should check how much aid money you can get. You have to go to the nearest cash center to get the money. The procedure to check the amount is that.

  • You have to open the message box of the mobile phone
  • After opening the message box you have to type 8171
  • Then you have to send your ID card number to 8171
  • After waiting, a confirmation message is sent to your mobile phone in which you will be informed that you can get the amount of Rs.10500.
  • You can also collect your donation amount from the nearest Jeez Cash retailer. The complete procedure for receiving and checking the amount is given. You have to follow these procedures so that you don’t face any problems while getting the money.

New Benazir Kafalat Program Eligibility Criteria For Phase 3

Poor and deserving women who meet the eligibility criteria are given an amount of Rs 10,500. Following are the women who meet the eligibility criteria.

  • Individuals whose monthly income is less than 60,000 are eligible for the Bezair Kafalat program
  • The household’s PMT score should be less than 35
  •  Never traveled abroad
  • They should not hold any government job
  • The land should not be more than two acres
  • If disabled, they should have a disability certificate
  • Widows should have their husband’s death certificate
  • They should not have a valid passport.

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Required Documents

When you do your registration, you will have to submit the following documents. You are declared eligible only based on the document. Once the verification process of your document is complete, you are given the money.

  • These documents are described in detail.
  • National Identity Card
  • Children’s B Form
  • Sui gas and electricity bill
  • Proof of monthly income

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Final Words

When you read this article carefully all the information is provided in this article. This article explains how you meet the eligibility criteria after which you are given an amount of Rs.10500.

You can withdraw the money from the nearest Jazz Cash retailer. Apart from this, you have been told all the information. Also, if you need any kind of information, you can get the information from our website

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