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Ineligible Women Will get 10500 Installment From Benazir Kafaalat 1 Time (Latest Update)

Ineligible Women to Receive 10500 Installment

A new update has been released by the Benazir Kafaalat Program that now ineligible women will also be given financial assistance of Rs.10500. The government of Pakistan has decided that women who have recently completed their survey and have been declared ineligible are also being given a one-time financial assistance of Rs 10,500. But let me tell you that it will not be given to you every three months, it will be given only once.

If you want to continue your financial assistance, please go to your nearest Benazir Income Support Program office and ensure your registration there. Last chance for registration is given to ineligible people and the last date for registration is 30th June 2024. Complete your registration before this date otherwise, your registration will not be completed and you will be disqualified completely.

For registration, take your ID card and the mobile number registered on your ID card to the nearest Benazir Income Support Program office and ensure your registration.

نا اہل افراد اپنی رقم چیک کریں

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Who Qualifies for the One-Time Payment?

Let us tell you that this one-time financial assistance amount of Rs. 10,500 which is being given by the Benazir Kafalat program is not being given to all people. Only being given to those who have recently completed their survey and were disqualified during the survey. So the government has decided to give financial assistance to those people as well but those who have not done their survey will not be given financial assistance at all.

Financial assistance is also being given to widows whose poverty score is more than 35. So check your financial aid amount and get it. How to check the amount is very easy Check your amount through the 8171 web portal. If your amount has gone up, check your amount as soon as possible and know during which phase your amount is being paid.

Ineligible Women Will get 10500 Installment From Benazir Kafaalat 1 Time (Latest Update)

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Reasons Behind the Inclusion of Ineligible Women in the Payment Scheme

Now let us tell you why the government is giving this money to the undeserving people. Inflation in the country has increased so much that the government has decided that those people who are disqualified but have applied means they are eligible and that is why they have applied. One-time instalment should be provided. After that, they have to complete their verification and get their documents verified to prove to the government that they are really poor and deserving.

After that, you will be formally eligible for the amount and you will be eligible for two years. After that a new survey will be started and your verification will be done again and it will be evaluated whether you are still poor and deserving or your financial situation has improved. If you prove poor in the survey, your money will be continued otherwise your money will be stopped. It is a very good initiative by the government that even the unqualified people are being given the opportunity to register.

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How to Apply for the 10500 Installment

Now let us tell you how those who are ineligible can ensure their registration so that they too can continue to receive financial assistance. First of all, you have to check your eligibility. If you are ineligible, you have to get your ID card and get your SIM. If there is no SIM registered on your ID card, then you have to register a SIM of any network other than Telenor on your ID card. After that take your ID card and your mobile and go to the nearest Benazir Income Support Program office.

There you have to give your identity card and confirm the dynamic survey. During this survey, you will be asked a variety of questions aimed at verifying yourself and assessing your financial situation. After that, your mobile number will also be taken from you and a confirmation message will be sent to your mobile number when your verification is complete.

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