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Control Room Activated For Benazir Kafalat April to June Installment 10500

Benazir Kafalat (April to June) Payment 2024

Government of Pakistan has released the quarterly installment of Benazir Kafalat program for April to June 10500 rupees. If you are include in this program and have not yet received financial aid. And you want to check your eligibility. So now you can get complete information here. How can you ensure your eligibility? And can get financial aid money. Dear viewers, let us tell you that the government of Pakistan has provided many facilities for the beneficiaries of BISP.

Recently BISP chairperson Rubina Khalid has said that BISP control rooms have been started by the government of Pakistan. All women who have not received the financial assistance amount or who are facing problems like deduction of money. They can register their complaints and get their financial assistance amount at home. This article has provided you complete information on how you can get your full amount.

Control Room Activated For Benazir Kafalat April to June Installment 10500

BISP Control Room Reactivated for BISP Beneficiaries

Please let the BISP beneficiary households know that Federal Minister Rubina Khalid has restarted the control room for Benazir Income Support Program beneficiary. If you face any problem while receiving money. So you can register your complaints at home and get financial assistance amount. For this purpose, you have been given the WhatsApp numbers of BISP control room in this article.

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You contact them and register your complaints and get the financial assistance amount. Now you don’t have to stand in long lines. Now you can get financial aid money even sitting at home. Here is the helpline number for each province. So file a complaint on the appropriate number and get all your issues resolved.

Purpose and Function of the BISP Control Room

The main objective of BISP Control Rooms is to motivate the beneficiaries of BISP. And to solve all their problems. So that all the problems of poor families who cannot get financial assistance due to any problem are solved. Government of Pakistan has re-established the BISP Control Room to provide better facilities to the people.

And online WhatsApp number has also been released. So that all such families who are in any trouble can access the control room at home. And find solutions to all your problems. Read this article in detail here you will get complete details easily.

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How to File A Complaint In Case Of Deduction

If you are a part of Benazir Kafalat Program and you are facing various problems to collect your Kafalat Program payments. As your amount is being deducted or you are disqualified then you don’t need to worry anymore. Because now BISP control room has been activated for reprisal of deduction complaints.

Now you can easily register your complaints and get financial assistance amount. For this purpose you have to go to BISP office and get BISP Grievance Form. So you have to process all the complaints and submit them to the representatives. Then immediate action will be taken against the money grabber and you will be given the full amount. So check out the article and get complete details at home.

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BISP Control Room WhatsApp Numbers

If you are also facing any problem. So you can register your complaint through WhatsApp number sitting at home and solve all your problems. So find your province in the list below and contact the whatsapp number to access the BSP control room. Beneficiaries can contact the following WhatsApp numbers for registration and redressal of their complaints.

  • Sindh 1: 03018472836,03018472838
  • Sindh 2: 03028240958,03018472841
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: 03155212820
  • Balochistan: 03185761507,03155212897
  • AJK and Gilgit Baltistan: 03155213394, 03155213094
  • South Punjab 1: 03202399616
  • South Punjab 2: 03175370095
  • Central Punjab: 03028240972,03202399575
  • Punjab North: 03028240977, 03028238564

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Benefits of BISP Control Center

As you are told in this article BISP control rooms have been re-activated by Government of Pakistan for BISP beneficiary households. Now residents can register all their complaints and get financial assistance amount at home. The government of Pakistan has also released WhatsApp numbers to provide better facilities to the poor people.

So that communication from home to control room can be done without any problem. It has many benefits. Earlier people were not given money and deductions were taken from them. But now strict action will be taken against those who make deductions. And the poor will be given the full amount of financial assistance so read the article carefully and get all the benefits of this program.

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