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How To Check Eligibility Status In Punjab Bike Scheme

Understanding the Punjab Bike Scheme

Punjab Bike Scheme has been launched by the Government of Punjab. Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has launched this scheme. Under the scheme, students will be given 20,000 motorcycles on easy installments. The Punjab Bike Scheme is an important initiative by the Government of Pakistan aimed at empowering the youth and providing them with affordable transportation options.

Under this scheme, 20,000 bikes will be provided to male and female students in easy installments. Within these 2000, there will be 19,000 petrol bikes while 1,000 will be electric bikes. Its registration is over now those who had registered have to check their eligibility.

Those who are eligible and their name will be mentioned during bolting will be given the bike. This article is being created to inform you how you can check your eligibility in Punjab Bike scheme and know the status of your application. Read this article completely and carefully.

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Eligibility Criteria for the Punjab Bike Scheme

An eligibility criteria has also been made to apply for the Punjab Bike Scheme and those who meet the eligibility criteria will be registered and given bikes.

  • Applicant must be above 18 years of age
  • The identity card and license of the applicant must be produced
  • Applicant must be a regular student in an institution approved by HEC
How To Check Eligibility Status In Punjab Bike Scheme

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Steps to Check Your Eligibility Status

On behalf of the Punjab government, the process of bolting has taken place in the Lahore High Court and the lists of the students whose names have appeared in the bike scheme have been released. Verification of some students is still going on and released within the waiting list. You can check your eligibility through these lists, the lists have been released by the government on the official website of the government.

You can check in these lists here also we have given you the lists. You have to download the list of the scheme for which you have applied. For example if you applied for Punjab Petrol Bike Scheme then you have to download its list and if you applied for Punjab Electric Bikes Game then you have to download its list. If you are a boy then you have to download the list of boys and if you are a girl you have to download the list of girls.

After downloading the list you have to search your name in it. If you get your name, it means you will get your bike. If your name is not there then you have to download the waiting list and search for your name in it. If your name appears in the waiting list, it means that your verification will be completed and your list will be released. This way you can check your eligibility at home.

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Required Documents for Eligibility Verification

Punjab Bike Scheme also requires some documents for your verification and checking. These documents are very important for verification of your financial status and your account.

  • A scanned copy of the applicant’s CNIC
  • Proof of residence in Punjab
  • Recent photograph
  • Income certificate or proof
  • Educational enrollment certificate
  • Copy Of License

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