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Benazir Kafaalat 10500 Second Phase Payment Date

Benazir Kafaalat 10500 Second Phase

The money was released during Phase 1 by the Benazir Kafaalat program and many women are getting the money but many women were not released and they were worried. It is good news for them that let us tell them that their money will be released during phase two and the date of phase two has also been announced by the government. It is also being told that the amount will be increased during phase two.

According to the new update, let us tell you that a huge increase is being made within the quarterly installment of the Benazir Income Support Program. There is good news for all the beneficiaries that the BISP installment will be increased in the annual budget held on June 6. BISP qist Rs 10500 per beneficiary will be given.

Here is a very good news for all the beneficiaries, in this article we will tell you the complete details that when and how much money will be given to you during the phase two. Apart from this, here you will be told the complete procedure of checking your money and registration.

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Second Phase Payment Date

Government of Pakistan has announced the release date of Benazir Kafalat program during Face Two. There is good news for all those women whose money was to be released in phase two that the government has announced when and how much money will be received in phase two. Let us tell you that the amount in phase two will be given on June 6, 2024. So go on time and get your money and it is also being informed that from June 6th, the amount is being increased by 25% and the assistance is being increased by Rs.2500.

Earlier, assistance of Rs 10,500 was being given, but in the annual budget meeting to be held from June 6, it will be decided that the amount will now be increased to Rs 13,000.

Therefore, get your money badly. The money will also be released on June 6 by Benazi Education Scholarship Program. Also get your children’s money and it is also being told that this time a bonus of 3 thousand rupees will be given in children’s education scholarships.

Benazir Kafaalat 10500 Second Phase Payment Date

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Online Process to Check Second Phase Payment

Now we tell you how you can check the amount received during phase two online at home. Often women are worried about how they will know whether their money has arrived or not and go to the cash center without checking the amount to get cash, which causes them trouble. For this reason, the portal has been updated by the government.

Eligible women whose amount has been released will be displayed on the portal and will be told how much amount they have received and when it has started. You are given a portal here, you can check your balance with the help of this portal.

Enter your 13 digit ID in this portal then enter the verification code shown in the image and press the withdraw button and you will be informed about your amount immediately. You have to get the full amount as you are told and in case of deduction you have to register the complaints.

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How to Get Payment In second Phase

Now let’s tell you how you have to get this amount, first of all you have to check the amount. If you have checked the amount and your amount has increased, then let us tell you that this time the amount is not being given from the retailer shop of HBL ATM, but this time you are being given the amount from Jazz Cash retailers shop and It will be given through Bank Al Falah retailers. So visit these retailers shop and get your money.

This time the ATM service has been blocked. In the meeting to be held now, the government will decide that people’s money should now be given through the bank so that there is no problem. It is also being told that by 2025 all people’s money will be banked. The government is entering into agreements with various banks, hoping that very soon people will get the digital system and face no problems and will be given more money than before.

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