Wed. Jul 24th, 2024
8171 Ehsaas Program BISP Survey 2024

BISP Survey 2024

Surveys have been re-initiated by the BISP program. The BISP Survey aims to ensure that families or individuals who were previously receiving assistance from the BISP program are no longer receiving assistance. The survey is being made necessary because the survey is being made necessary.

After all, it is not helping the poor and deserving people, so now the families who were earlier getting night from the BISP program or Those families who are very poor and deserving of this assistance should ensure this service.

You will also be informed about all the information like when you will get help, how you will get it, and where you will get it. In the survey, you will be asked a few things like your home, what you do about your family, and where you live. You are these things.

BISP Latest Survey Update

From the BISP program let us keep you informed about the latest updates through the Ehsaas program you can now also get all your information through the BISP program and you can also complete your survey through the BISP program.

You can also make sure so you don’t need to worry you will start receiving SMS it will inform you through SMS from the ehsaas program through ehsaas 8171 that you The survey is guaranteed or your survey is not guaranteed so now you don’t need to worry and this survey is going to start very soon to help people to get rid of poverty from Pakistan. 

Another objective of this survey is that some people were receiving money from the BISP program after which they stopped receiving money, so now A survey is also being conducted to find out whether they are entitled to the same assistance or not entitled to the assistance. So you will get all the help from the Ehsaas program and also be informed with all the information click on the below link and still make sure your survey.

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Required Documents

Follow This Factors

  • Your CNIC. 
  • Certificate of your family. 
  • Proof of your residence. 
  • You must be Pakistani.

Eligibility Criteria

Follow This Factors

  • Your poverty score should be less than 20. 
  • Your monthly income should be less than 25 thousand. 
  • You should not have a passport or visa in your name. 
  • You should have at least two acres of land in your name.

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NSER survey launched by BISP programme

The NSER survey has been relaunched by the BISP program. If you do, you will not be contacted by the BISP program in any case, so do it now and at the same time get help from the BISP program if you want it.

Keep getting and also stay updated with all the information then we will tell you how to follow the factors given by the government of Pakistan so you have to enter all your information correctly like Your family and also how much you earn and also you have to enter all your information correctly. 

It will continue to be received and along with this, you will also be aware of all the updates. It is also being said on behalf of the government of Pakistan that the same aid is being increased and more people are also being added to it. So, if you or someone from your family is poor or deserves this assistance, you can ensure his NSER survey by visiting any such program office now or by following the link below. Click and complete the NSER survey now and get help from the BISP program.

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Final Words

Also, the BISP program aims to eradicate poverty in Pakistan and control rising inflation. You were getting assistance towards the BISP program, so the NSER survey was started like how much you earn and also how much your family is if you are on your own. If you register all the information again, you will continue to receive assistance from the BISP program and you will also be kept informed about all the information. 

This assistance is given only to poor and deserving people, if you are also poor and deserving, then you can also get this assistance, so now you don’t need to worry about the NSER survey again. Be sure to start your NSER survey and get help now

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