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3 New Registration Procedures Introduced in BISP Latest Method 2024

BISP New Registration

New registration in the BISP program has been announced. All families facing problems despite eligibility in the BISP program will solve their problems in registration. They will be registered in the BISP program. Registration of new families in the BISP program has started. All destitute and widowed women are eligible for the BISP program. We will tell you the complete procedure, from registration to getting money.

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8171 SMS Registration

SMS your ID card number to 8171 to check your registration and eligibility for the BISP program. You will immediately receive a confirmation reply, “Congratulations, you are also eligible for the program, and you can get the scholarship.”

Don’t worry if you don’t receive a confirmation reply. You should send your ID number to 8171 from the registered SIM on your ID card, and you will receive a confirmation reply.

If there is no SIM registered on a woman’s ID card, she should send her ID card number to 8171 from the SIM registered on her husband’s ID card number. Register the SIM on your ID card immediately by sending your ID card number to 8171 and getting an instant confirmation reply.

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BISP 8171 Online Registration

If you belong to Digital Optical, you should complete your BISP 8171 online. Visit the BISP program web portal for online registration. You will be given a form; after entering your ID card number and code, click submit. 

You will receive a confirmation reply, and you can check your eligibility and register through the BISP web portal. All widows and disabled persons are eligible for the BISP program and should register themselves in the program by updating their data.

Registration by BISP Office:

You can also register through NSER. To register for the BISP program, visit your tehsil’s BISP program office. The office will give you a registration form; fill it out, and submit copies of relevant documents, and your registration process will start.

No need to worry if you are disqualified. You should be able to update your data from NADRA. Fill out the form again to register for the BISP program. The biggest problem is the inability to register for the program and update your data.

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List OF Documents for BISP

  • Your original identity card (ID Card)
  • Husband’s ID Card
  • Children’s B. Form
  • Family List Date of Birth, ID Card Numbers, etc
  • Verification of monthly income
  •  Widows should carry their husband’s death certificate
  •  Medical certificate for disabled persons
  •  Marriage certificate if married.


Registration in the BISP program has been announced in a new survey in 2024. New families in Pakistan will be registered in the BISP program. All widows and widowers are eligible for the BISP program and should register themselves in the BISP program. The BISP program aims to provide financial assistance to poor people.

Fulfilling the basic needs of the poor and ending poverty. If there are widows or disabled people around you, register them immediately in the BISP program so that they can meet their basic needs and not be burdened.

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